Sunday, June 6, 2010

SUMMER!!!!!!!!! The Contest

OMG summer is coming!  

Feiseanna and Highland Games and DANCING oh my! And a new competition season means YOU need some awesome new stuff to get you through in style. What's that you say? No cash dollars in your pocket? Well, don't you worry 'cause TheGirls @ IHTD have got you covered!

ALL SUMMER LONG we're running Summer Shout-Outs, a great new contest that lets you earn money to spend in the shop just by wishing your dancing friends good luck at their comps or congratulating them on a job well done! PLUS we are getting it all started TODAY with a huge week long prize extravaganza with super prizes EVERY DAY from us and our very generous sponsors.  You can win 

IHTD Signature Bags and Costume Carriers
Hoodies, Yoga Pants & Jackets, Shorts, T's and Tanks
Advanced Highland Technique DVDs from
Gorgeous Jewellery from Triskelt and As Luck Would Have It
DELUXE Memberships
Dance-Proof Mineral Makeup
Yummy Bath & Body Stuff PLUS our famous Ghillie Slippers & PJ Pants!

All the details on how to enter are up on the website here:

Now lets get ready for summer!


Tara said...

Yay! This contest really is going to be epic! and it finally got me to create a blog account (I'm following you now!) so I can blog about my boys and dancing, yay!

Tara said...

hey I posted a blog about the contest too! I'm all over this ;)

James and Christine Newton said...

Another fun contest! The prizes sound so exciting!!

- Christine
aka whatsupcupcake

James and Christine Newton said...

Okie, now following the blog too. Loving this summer contest!

Jess said...

I can't believe I wasn't following the blog before!

Twilight Orchid said...

Sweeeeeet dudes!!! Love your stuff, the clothes, makeup, the goodies, it's all so awesome!!!! EPICNESS to the 9th degree!!!

Twilight Orchid said...

Oops, was I supposed to say what I wanted? YOGA PANTS!!!!! :)

I Heart That! Dance said...

LOL you tell us which of the prizes on offer during Kickoff Week you want -- so everyone can wait until the end of the week to tell me where they want their blog follow/blog post/facebook referral entries to go. But I'm glad you're so excited about the yoga pants!

hannahdancer said...

Awesome contest idea!! Can't wait to follow and stay updated!! :)

J Schultz said...

Sending LOTS of LUCK this weekend to Anna J. We love you!!!

I Heart That! Dance said...

Summer Shout-Outs don't actually start until June 14th, but we love that supportive spirit!!