Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lucky Charms!

Day 3 of Kickoff! And have we ever got something SWEET for you today! Do you know somebody who finds a 4-leaf clover EVERY time she goes to look for one? We do! Read on to find out all about June, fabulous proprietress of Etsy shops As Luck Would Have It and I Sew Cute!

Tell us a little about yourself!
Born in the great woods of the North East a week before Christmas, nurtured by a crafty mom & Nana who knit, sewed, & baked all kinds of wonderful things. I learned a lot by watching them, but also enjoyed spending a lot of time drawing. My folks say I was born with a pencil in my hand! I was destined to become an artist or designer of sorts & now I freelance as a toydesigner/illustrator while being a stay at home mom to nurture my kids' blossoming creativity & mold them into decent loving people.

So, the first question on our minds is HOW do you find so many 4-leaf clovers?
Here's a blog post on my helpful tips:  My best advice is don't look on a very sunny casts hard shadows & makes them more difficult to find. They're easier to find on a day or two after the lawn is mowed...and if it has rained...even better! They just stand out more when you don't have to dig around the tall grass for them. I swear I just look down & there they are... wherever I go...if it's grassy I'm sure to find at least one eventually.

Why did you decide to get into making resin jewellery?
I was hooked almost instantly after trying it years ago & have since put a tutorial on Craftster & my blog so other crafty folks can discover the fun of crafting with it for themselves.

Do you have any other crafty passions? What's your favourite project ever?
My favourite project ever is probably my 'kid table' which has hand carved legs made to look like different characters from familiar childrens' books & holds all my childhood treasures in the top (see the pic below!) I won a Craftster challenge with it about 2 years ago. I'm passionate about most every craft I do. If I'm going to take the time to make something, I throw myself into it completely.

What inspires you to craft in general?
It's a compulsion I was born with. I just can't not be making something...anything. If I'm leaving the house for any reason, I plan a project I can take on the road with me. There is always a sketchbook in my car & crochet hook in my purse! I am inspired by life...and watching my kids grow. I love doing craft swaps when I have time because I really get into working on something that another person can cherish. I get such a thrill out of making someone happy with the things I make & it's doubly fun to receive 'fun mail'.  Currently I'm wrapping up the 'Hoop Up' embroidery swap on flickr & hear they're going to have a round 2. I'm sure I'll join up!

What's next for As Luck Would Have It and I Sew Cute?
For AsLuckWouldHaveIt: I'm working on some more items for men. Keyrings, tietacks, pins & cufflinks. The clover pieces I make are always going to all be listed at AsLuckWouldHaveIt from now on. For ISewCute: I have a bunch of my original cute embroidery patterns that I have to get well as new desings in sweet looking glittery resin jewelry. I'm open to requests at any time for either shop! Custom orders are my favorite thing to work on.

Thanks June! Isn't her stuff AWESOME?  Especially if you are a glitter addict like we are :) And since we KNOW some of you are, for today's prize we've got

A gorgeous heart-shaped resin pendant from As Luck Would Have It with a real 4-leaf clover inside!

Guaranteed to be your next favourite good luck charm! Get your entry for today by visiting either of June's sweet shops and tell us what your favourite item is -- want an extra entry? Visit both! Post your choices in the blog comments below.

Don't forget! 
Every entry you get into the daily prizes gets you an entry into the Grand Prize draw as well!

Happy shopping! (P.S. If you are inspired to buy from June, Etsy accounts are free and easy to sign up for -- kinda like EBay! And get something for us too, will you? ;) )

xo Ally and Nic


James and Christine Newton said...

I love the four leaf clover ring. Super cute! I love fun, funky rings and that one is adorable.

- Christine
aka whatsupcupcake

wallace said...

I really like "I get by with a little luck from my friends" - your jewelry is very cute and unique!

wallace said...

I like the lilac sparkles earrings and the "somewhere over the rainbow" necklace.

Your jewelry is lovely.

Dana said...

I love the four leaf clover keyring. In fact, if I win, can that be my prize instead? *fingers crossed&

I Heart That! Dance said...

Aww sorry the pendant is what's on offer but I'm sure you can turn it into a keyring if you win, you just need one of the ring thingys! Or you could just buy the one that's there (hint hint LOL :D)

Stephanie Martyn said...

Ohh I really like the small clover in the tear drop pendant. Very my style!

Tara said...

omg I love it all! I am so one of those people who can't make a decision, but the pendant is gorgeous!! love love love!

Jess said...

The four leaf clover ring is adorable! The Victorian-looking pendants are also very cute. In the other shop, I love the red glittery heart necklace.

Definitely keeping an eye on both of these shops, thanks so much for bringing them to our attention!

Twilight Orchid said...

Omg these are absolutely adorable and soooo pretty!! I couldn't decide which love more: the Romantic Ornate Victorian Styled Real 4 Leaf Clover Brooch and Necklace 2 in 1 or Fancy Victorian Cameo Oval 4 Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace from "As Luck would have it" Both soooo beautiful!!!

At her other store, "I Sew Cute" my fav is Extra Large Sparkly Purple Heart Shaped Resin Adjustable Ring... Truly Big Bling... by isewcute
OMG this thing is so sparkly...and GINORMOUS!!!! LOVE ITTTT!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

My Mother-in-law was just in town, and she spend the weekend looking for a 4-leaf clover in my yard. I went to the website and bought her one of the clovers right away! My personal favorite is probably the tiny pendant. (Love the heart one as well!)

Leah said...

I really like the "Real 4 Leaf Clover Adjustable Ring...Simply Adorable" Beautiful jewelry

I Heart That! Dance said...

Just a reminder, no anonymous commenting (how will we know where to send the prize if you win?) Full contest rules are here:

If the anonymous commenter from above wants to leave the same comment with a name attached I will delete the other one -- otherwise I can't do the entry, sorry!

Hello there! My name is June said...

I can let you know where to send the heart to if anonymous happens to be the lucky winner! I'm shipping her package this afternoon! ;o)

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone for the fabulous compliments on my work & it's so neat to hear what your favorites are as well! Thanks so much y'all!

June from As Luck Would Have It & I Sew Cute

Laura said...

I really love the four leaf clover jewelry. Very cool.

Bonnie McNeill said...

I like this jewelry. Particularly the earrings. They are so unique. What great gifts they would make to wish someone well before a competition!

Bridget said...

I love the four leaf clover drop shaped pendant and the rainbow sprinkle chiclet earrings!

Too cute.

Hello there! My name is June said...

Thank you Ally for hosting the giveaway! You rock & everyone's compliments are most appreciated!!!