Monday, May 31, 2010

Congratulations Winners!

And without further ado, the winners of the March MadLibNess contest are Jess by vote and Kathleen by random draw!  Kathleen's entry wasn't put up for voting so as not to split the vote, but it's too funny to let it go unseen (any of the rest of you Highland dancers agree Christine Lacey is a world leader? ;) ) so here it is:

Dear Christine Lacey:

I think St. Patrick's Day should be a national holiday everywhere, and not just in Ireland! It is both smarmy and full of pickles as well as being the most soporific holiday on the calendar. It's only on St. Patrick's Day, as you eat the fried green tomatoes, drink the molten gold and listen to the galumph that you truly get to feel a little bit Irish! Shouldn't every country have the day free to enjoy all that mesmerizing peach fuzz?

If you need some recommendations on how to observe the holiday, a chihuahua is definitely in order! Wearing chartreuse, mollycoddling a shamrock, maybe learning a few words of Argentinian and especially DANCING are all highly recommended -- in fact, as a dancer myself, whenever I do a curtsy I feel the spirit of St. Pat's in my elbow.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, you'll have to call me later -- right now I have dance.

Love, Kathleen

It's also worth noting Kathleen is one of FOUR entries to feel the spirit of St. Pat's in her elbow ;)

In other news, the kickoff week for our amazing summer contest has been postponed until June 7th to 13th -- we are working hard on merchandising a brand new exclusive design for the Ontario Closed Highland Championships on June 5th, including a ghillie bag for every competitor and some sweet hoodies (yes, for the guys too!) and yoga jackets dancers will be able to order from our website after the event -- as with all of our signature designs, it will be available in your choice of tartan

Samples of the clothing will be there at the competition registration desk to check out and try on!

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Tara said...

I felt the spirit of St. Pat's in my elbow! ;) LoL

Man I wish I could go to Ontario, that is a sweet deal for those competitors..