Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanks for the Memories :)

Well, it's been quite a week :)  I hope that by following along with us every day during Kickoff you're feeling a little more prepped for summer -- new makeup, new clothes, new gear and even new ways to relax!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I am PUMPED for these draws tomorrow!

But there's one more thing we think you need to be totally ready for a dance-filled summer -- a way to preserve your dancing memories!  For those of you in the ID world, here's the perfect solution:

Have you seen this amazing website? FeisFaces is:

A online solution for recording and tracking your feis marks and results.
You may never choose to share your marks with anyone, but you will still want to register for a FeisFaces account so that you can dump those piles of feis marks and results that accumulate in a drawer or box after years of competitions! Keep everything online in one place, making it easy to see how far you've come in the past year, 5 years, and throughout your Irish dance career. Along with your marks, you can also record all other information about each feis - you can even write a journal about the day. Also, you can also see an updated list of local feis syllabi, competitor lists, schedules, and results all in one place.

An easy way to share those feis results and experiences with Irish dance teachers, friends, and family.
With the click of a button, you can share your entire feis or major competition experience (marks, results, journal, and photos) with whomever you choose: your TCRG, your best friend, Grandma and Grandpa, and your dance classmates. Only those to whom you give access will be able to see your feis results, though. Your information is secure and private unless you choose to share it.

And the basic membership is FREE! Sign up here

Pretty cool right? Of course I totally signed up The Peanut and I -- here's a screenshot of our Family homepage (the pic is me, Nic and our resident Blogger Of The Year Colleen):

I haven't put any feis results in, I've had blog posts to write :)  I just love the idea of having ONE place where I can keep all my feis photos and results -- I used to do it on Facebook but nowadays my news feed seems to be all about people needing nails for their Farmville stables and I miss my dance friends updates ALL the time. Not that I'm judging Farmville players -- certain people who shall remain nameless (but are pictured above in green) had to have their mom check on their crops while they were at Oireachtas.  But lots of the time I just want to see updates about DANCE, y'know?

And check this out --  a couple of great new features are coming soon:
  • Print out your Feis Journal for your photo album or memory book (FREE for Stepped-Up Members)
  • Order a Feis Faces Memory Book to commemorate a great summer, for a special occasion, or when you or your dancer move up a level! The books are made up of archive-quality pages digitally printed pages bound together in book format.

The lovely Colleen,  inventor of has graciously agreed to donate TWO One Year Stepped-Up Memberships for our draw today! That's a $19.95 value for each of them -- awesome!

The Stepped-Up Membership provides the following additional benefits:

  • Receive email notifications for new feis information and posted results
  • Upload photos which are displayed with your Feis Journal and are included in your printed Feis Journal pages
  • Become a Feis Faces Affiliate to earn money back for yourself, your dance school, or your business
  • Print out your Feis Journals (in PDF format) for your memory book, scrapbook, or photo album!
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on any Feis Faces Memory Book that you order within one year (in development)
Want the prize? Here's how to enter:
  1. Comment here to tell us your favourite feis or Highland competition!
  2. Sign up for (remember, it's free!) TODAY and get an extra entry!  Signing up takes under 5 minutes, and is totally worth it -- I can hardly wait to get started uploading my feis results and pictures!

Highland dancers! Wishing we had something like this for Games and comps? Well, I think I've got her pretty much convinced, but we'll see - let us know in the comments if you would be interested!

And that's all folks!  Don't forget:

TODAY is the LAST day for ALL entries to be in -- so if you've missed out on a post, or forgotten to like the post link on our Facebook page, or haven't put in your five tweets today, NOW is the time to do it!  EVERY entry into the daily draws gets you an entry into the Grand Prize draw!

And I'll see you tomorrow afternoon with the draw results AND the first Summer Shout Out post! Woohoo!! xo Ally and Nic


hannahdancer said...

My favorite feis has always been the Montreal/Ottawa competitions, as my dance school makes a weekend out of it. It takes over 10 hrs to get there, but it's worth it!! I get to see all my lovely feis friends, as well as feeling the comraderie within my own school. I love it even though they are larger feisanna!! :)

James and Christine Newton said...

I love the Feis Faces site! I've been on it for a while now and it's such a great resource for Irish dancers to record their results, memories, photos, etc. It would be really great if they had something like it for Highland as well.

My favorite Highland comp would be the Modesto games. It's small and far away, but the setting (in a beautiful park) is wonderful and the trees keep the heat at bay. I also love the judge that they've had at the competition for the last couple of years. It was my first comp ever, and while I don't usually place well at it, the judge clearly enjoys being there. This year I placed far higher than I had in the past and it was great being able to noticeably see improvements in my dancing from my placements.

My favorite Irish comp is probably the Silicon Valley comp (because it's so close to home... no waking up ridiculously early!) or the Fresno comp as it's where I received my first & Overs trophy.

Tara said...

I would TOTALLY do this for Highland dance!! what a great idea!! please please please do one for Highland! now I'm kinda bummed that I'm already so far into the ranks..

Twilight Orchid said...

Favourite feis?? Tough one!! I love the Windsor/Great Lakes Feis - awesome memories :))))

Feisfaces is awesome - what an excellent idea!! I totally signed up!!

mini2z said...

Well my favorite feis would be any that I'm at with the kidlets. True because I love feising and it's great to spend the time with the them. But if I had to pick one feis that is/was my favorite it would be the World Academy Feis in South Bend, IN. We went to it for the first time two years ago and loved it. We made it our first camping weekend so we even had the hubby with us and that's rare for him to be at a feis. Sadly we've missed that they have had to cancel it for the past two years. We hope that it comes back. Second favortie feis is the Michigan Feis in Muskegon, MI in September. We also camp at this feis. All dancers get a free entry into the festival. We've been there in great weather, snow, rain and more great weather but it's always been a fun feis weekend. mini & the kidlets

Bridget said...

My favorite feis was always the Cape Code feis in May. It's always such a fun weekend and feels like the Oireachtas, without all the stress. Everyone gets a hotel room and there are big ceili competitions. There used to be a dinner dance, but I think that got cut this year. Hopefully it will be back eventually! It was always Mother's Day weekend too, so it was a nice opportunity to spend some quality time with mom... Even if there was always some tension about some dance related item I had forgotten. It did always rain though for some reason!

Love your site! Long time follower, first time poster ;) haha

Stephanie Martyn said...

My favorite feis is the Victoria School Feis because it is close to home! It is the only time I don't have to take a ferry to dance, classes included!! Living on an island does have it's down sides...

Bonnie McNeill said...

It would be nice to have something like this for highland!!!!

My favorite highland games is Seaside in Ventura County California. It is nice, there is a parent dance competition (for charity) and I won a Logan Bear last time I was there!!!

Rose said...

We NEED this for Highland, I would sign up at once! I am always jealous of what Irish Dancers have the Highland dancers seem to be missing. Although, I suppose it has to do with Irish being more populated than Highland.
I agree with Tara in... Please, Please, Please do this for Highland! Oh, did I say please?

As for a competition that is my favorite... I would say the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura, CA. It's good competition with the feeling of being laid back and relaxed. It also right next to the beach, which makes lovely views. It's also cool because it has dance off for all skill levels instead of just Premier.