Sunday, April 27, 2008

Put Your Sunglasses On

So, as it turns out, I've been thinking a bit about my middle school/junior high days, which for me was the mid to late 80s -- anyway, here's an iconic image so we can all share in the nostalgic fun:
You know what else was fun about the 80s? Actually pretty much the only thing that was fun? The COLOURS! After the first Highland Games of the season at Loch Norman a week or so ago, plus with the first feis of the season round these part coming up next weekend, we've been surrounded by the colours we love most. Tartans in all sets and colours, and sparkley solo dresses in every shade of the rainbow. So fun :) And I bought new glittery makeup to match my new solo, wheeee! Even The Peanut is rocking the colour these days, here she is showing off her latest creations, all decked out for the beach:

Naturally all of this is coming out in our crafting --- here's a couple of our newest products, premiered at Loch Norman: First an iPod cozy made of felted knitting and embellished with a felt and tartan flower (Dress Teal McRae), complete with crystals.

And these are the three remaining hair ties, also with felt flowers (the tartan one is Dress Royal McKellar) -- the rest of them flew off the table. One wee lass bought three, and insisted on wearing one in her hair and one on each wrist as bracelets :D

Now that I've finally taken pictures, all of this should be up in the Etsy shop soon. Plus stay tuned for some VERY exciting news about more of our new products!