Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday? Who cares?

But it IS St. Andrew's Day, so we're having a BOGO! Buy one of our in-stock items in our Artfire shop:

and get a second item of equal or lesser value for 50% off! AND you can still use our 10% off discount code on your entire order!

The sale will run until midnight EST TODAY ONLY Monday November 30th

Now for some fine print: The 50% is off the ORIGINAL price of the item. Remember to use the coupon code for the 10% on checkout, and we will refund the 50% off one item once we get the receipt from Paypal. We can also send a revised invoice if you prefer so you don't have to pay first and get refunded, but we won't remove the item from the shop until payment is complete.  If you want to do it this way just send us an message right on ArtFire via the Contact Artisan button with the items you want or an email directly at

Thanks for looking and happy shopping!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out.. Tomorrow

Well, according to the current weather forecast anyway. The point being, it is not out TODAY, which is the day I had planned to take photos of all our stock items and list them in our Artfire shop.

But, with deadlines fast approaching for shipping (see this post) I really want to let you guys know what we've got in stock and ready to ship! So I'm going to post a list -- if you want anything, just send us an email at and we will send you a link to make the credit card payment.

If you'd like to see a picture of something, just let me know and I can snap a quick one -- it's taking the e-commerce worthy fancy schmancy ones that take sunny days and lots of time.

Now for the list (tartans used in applique are listed where applicable). Links will be added as the items become available over at Artfire (note the prices there are in USD)!

Pajama Pants: $25 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Long-Sleeve Shrugs: $35 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Legwarmers: $30 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Messenger Bag: $45 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Open-Top Tote: $40 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Practice Mat Bag: $35 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable

Deluxe Makeup Bag: $25 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Sword Carry Case: $35 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable
Throw Pillow Cover: $17.50 Canadian + shipping & tax where applicable

In addition to the things listed here, we also have a wide variety of MP3 player felted cozies (like this one), Zippy makeup pouches and hair accessories in stock! Just send us an email at

if you are looking for something in particular!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


All your Christmas shopping problems solved -- come check out the great offerings from the vendors at Diddlyi! Plenty of special deals for Diddlyi members too!

Click on the banner to go to the main catalog page or come check us out here:

REMEMBER: Ordering deadlines for Christmas are fast approaching! See our Shipping Deadlines post for more details.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shipping Deadlines!

Hoping to get it in time for Christmas? Here are our ordering deadlines:

These are based on the holiday shipping information from Canada Post for regular parcel service (expedited within Canada). **EXCEPTION** International surface shipping takes 4-6 weeks, so that deadline has passed for custom orders. The dates shown in the chart are for air shipping -- please contact us for a quote!

Missed the deadline? We've got options!

1) Buy a Gift Certificate from the online store! You get the confirmation and web code in your email right away.

2) We can certainly finish your custom order before Christmas past this deadline, and would be happy to email photos of the finished product to wrap up and put under the tree. We will also ship ASAP in the hopes that it will get there on time!

3) We will ship using overnight and 2-day courier options where available -- please contact us for a quote!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Featured Items For Irish Dancers Part Deux

Good afternoon IHTD shoppers! Here are the last two products destined for the inaugural issue of the Diddlyi Christmas Catalog:

Pajama Pants

Stay comfy and warm with these 100% cotton flannelette pajama pants in a selection of cute colours and embroidered with your choice of text and design! Any five-letter or less word is included in the price so YOU choose anything you like to make your pants one-of-a-kind. Additional letters available at a cost of $1.50 Canadian.

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Knitwear & Clothing then PJ Pants
$25 Canadian + tax & shipping

Tote Bags

Great for carting around your dance stuff or anything else, these durable and spacious tote bags can be embroidered in your choice of five Celtic designs or your monogram. Match your solo or just pick your favourite colours -- a wide range of fabric choices for the applique means we can make YOUR bag perfect for YOU!

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Bags then Open-Top Tote Bags
$40 Canadian + tax & shipping

And don't forget -- these are just a few of the great gifts for dancers we have available this holiday season! Check out our online store for dress bags, dress protectors, messenger bags, knitwear, bath & body and dance-proof mineral makeup too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Featured Items For Irish Dancers

Well, it's that time of year y'all. A chill is in the air, kids are on their best behaviour and everywhere you look it's all sparkle and the colours of the season. Yes, that's right, it's time for... the Oireachtas!

Ha, gotcha :D OK, in all seriousness, I know many of you are wondering what to do this holiday season to treat yourself or your favourite dancer, say thank you to the TC who saw you through another year of competition or to make sure your dancing BFF gets the perfect gift. Well, we're here to help.... and it's not just us!

Coming soon, the fabulous folks over at Diddlyi will be presenting an all-ID Christmas Catalog (you know, like Sears, only probably with more rhinestones :) ) Those of us who are vendors over there will be participating to present some of our gift ideas for you guys, plus there will be some great contests with AMAZING prizes! So if you are not a member of the Diddlyi community don't wait to join in the festivities --sign up here:

In the meantime, I can at least tell you what we'll be featuring in the catalog! Based on an informal poll of the lovely IDers and ID dance moms over on Twitter, here's the first few items we have decided to go with:

Ghillie Slippers

They really are as comfy as they look :) Totally adorable ghillie style slippers are hand-knitted from 100% wool and felted to your size!

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Knitwear & Clothing, and then Ghillie Slippers
$30 Canadian + tax & shipping


A dancer favourite! Knit with very soft yarn to keep your legs toasty warm during warm ups and between dances (plus great for keeping your poodle socks clean at a feis). There's an adjustable elastic tucked into the cuff at the top, so they are sure to stay up! Comes in either plain or striped and decorated with your choice of embellishment if you like: flowers, hearts, stars, or shamrocks.

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Knitwear & Clothing, and then Legwarmers
$30 Canadian + tax & shipping

Wig Bag

Keep your Irish dance wig frizz free with this satin lined bag. Drawstring handle closure -- opens flat so you don't have to stuff your wig in there and ruin the curl. Applique on the bottom in one of our signature designs or your monogram. The photo on the far right is my wig, cooperatively modelling for the wig bag shoot -- note that the bag isn't fully open here.

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Bags, and then Wig Bag
$20- $25 Canadian + tax & shipping

Check back soon for our next installment of featured items!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is Why There Has Been No Blog Posts Lately

Just follow the pink arrows :)

This is Laura, otherwise known as Lil Sprout, and she's been keeping me on my toes since August 15th :) So not so much time for blogging :P

But we're getting back into the swing of things and so there's LOTS of good stuff to come -- promise!