Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Heart That! Dance welcomes a new monthly blogger!

Are you sick of the holiday hustle and bustle, shoveling snow/putting up decorations, and the crowds at the mall? Worried about how many holiday cookies you can consume and still fit into your costume?

Are your dancers’ toes itching to jig in their snowman adorned woolen socks? Can’t wait to hear the sounds of accordions and fiddles drifting out of a school gymnasium on a Saturday afternoon at a feis?

Never fear!

Starting in 2010, sit back and relax and read the monthly musings of a Senior Lady’s adventures in Irish Dance!

My name is Colleen aka Ginger (ginger pants, ginger snap, you get the drift..)

Your friendly guest blogger jumping on the beach in San Diego

I’ve had the great fortune to be in the Irish Dance world for over 14 years, traveling the world and doing what I love.

Stay tuned for hints, tips, and tricks of the Irish Dance trade, as well as a story or two on fascinating topics as “Fake hair and You: How to change your hair to any color of the rainbow in as little as two minutes” and “New Brand Name Irish Dance Dress = Raisin Bran for dinner”.

See you in 2010!


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