Sunday, June 13, 2010

TheGirls@IHTD Say Relax

EDIT: Hi folks! This was supposed to auto-publish yesterday while I was at Georgetown but it didn't go, many apologies! So I am going to put the final prize post up tomorrow and I'll be doing the draws June 15th.

So you now have until midnight EDT June 14th to comment/like on Facebook/tweet for entries!

In other news, have I told you all it is Recital Week From Hell around here? It was group rehearsal for The Peanut's ballet recital on Tuesday, Highland recital Wednesday, my niece's recital Friday, Georgetown Highland Games yesterday and Irish recital today (which reminds me, I'd better make this snappy since I have to go in about 20 minutes).

I don't know what the rest of you do after a week of crazy, but I'm looking forward to some serious me-time.  And I just LOVE indulging in a book & my bathtub -- nothing like a hot bath for all those tired muscles.  And then I put on my comfy clothes -- oh yeah! It's going to be especially delightful this time around since I'm going to be using our bath & body line in our three TOTALLY NEW signature scents!

You're So Pretty!
Sweet & fruity, this will make you a WMD (weapon of mass deliciousness) for sure!

Get Going
Fresh, clean and light, this energizing blend is guaranteed to get you jumping!

Time to take it easy, rockstar! A calming blend to leave you relaxed and happy all over.

Sound good? Then you'll definitely want to enter for today's prize:

A Spa Package including:
Deluxe Sample Size containers of EACH of our fabulous bath & body products (scrub, whipped lotion, shampoo and conditioner) in one of our NEW scents -- doesn't have to be the same one for all products!
OCM cleanser (1.25 oz) & FAB moisturizer (4 oz) -- the perfect skin solution!
A full size bar of our scrubby Pumice Soap in your choice of scent


One pair of PJ Pants in your choice of colour and applique!
One pair of our FAMOUS ghillie slippers custom made for you!

Woohoo!  And that's not all for today -- remember I promised you a double prize day? Well here it is -- the lovely Kathi from Triskelt (one of our favourite shops ever!) has donated a gorgeous sterling silver ghillie pendant!! Check this thing out it is soooooo pretty!

Here's how you enter for each of these prizes:

1) For the Spa Package: Comment here and tell us which of our new scents you think you'd like best!

2) For the super pendant from Triskelt: Go check out their website and then write on the wall of the

telling them which of their products you like the best! Don't tell us here, or on our Facebook -- it must be on the Triskelt FB page to count! Include "for the IHTD contest" or similar so we know you want an entry into the contest!

Good luck! xo Ally and Nic


hannahdancer said...

I think I would like the blissful scent; it makes me relaxed just thinking about it!!

Stevie said...

Personally I think I'd love the Blissful scent as I could use something relaxing heading into NAN's lol but since I am doing this for my DD, I would have to say You're SO pretty because she loves the smell of sweet & fruity bath & body products.

Twilight Orchid said...

They all sound so great, but I'm leaning towards, "You're so Pretty" as I'm feeling the summer weather and flowers and all that :)

Tara said...

sounds like "you're so pretty" sounds like the one I'd like best. you have waaay too much good stuff!

Susan said...

Without a doubt, I would love - and need - the Get Going scent. I will take anything to help me wake up in the morning! :-)

Bonnie McNeill said...

I always love the more calming scents. I think Blissful would fit the bill!

Katherine said...

I like the the Blissful scent. It sounds nice and calming.

Bridget said...

The You're So Pretty scent smells delicious! Love fruity girly things in the morning!

Morgen said...

I just discovered your awesome giveaway on Twitter:)
I think 'Get Going is what I need right about now, but they all sound wonderful.