Friday, June 11, 2010

Stuff To Put Stuff In

So, those of you who've been with us awhile know that I Heart That! Dance was born when Nic and I -- avid perusers of vendor tables at competitions -- just could NOT find the gear we wanted.  Don't get me wrong -- there's a lot of REALLY good stuff out there on the market (and we both spent a lot of money at those tables -- and still do!), but it wasn't exactly what we were looking for.  Too young-looking, not enough pockets, not sturdy enough (I in particular am pretty abusive to my possessions LOL), not big enough (or sometimes too big).  Yeah, we're picky.

Plus, we LOVED the idea of having something personalized just for you -- your tartan or favourite colours, your choice of design, your name or initials.  And so this became the "heart" of I Heart That! Dance -- that you could have stylish, handmade-quality items the way YOU want them.

Having said that, I, Ally, still have yet to make anything for myself. Pfft.  But that's OK -- you first! Today's prize is:

Your choice of ONE of our signature bags:
or the new Champion Duffle! (see the pic below -- so new it's not on the website yet!)

The new roomy Champion Duffle (retail price $60 CDN) is fully lined with lined exterior and interior zip pockets. Your choice of design on the front pocket. Zip top. Top quality zippers and hardware throughout as usual :)  The one shown here has our newest design "Float" appliqued on the front pocket -- a gorgeous Celtic knotwork butterfly, pick this one if you like a more intricate design or lots of colours!  I think this is going to be one of our most popular items -- I only have this crummy picture of the one sample I made because the darn thing sold before I could get a better picture!

PLUS today's winner will ALSO get a reusable goodie bag from McAleer Highland Gear chock full of some great stuff:

Notebook and pen
A pair of mini shoes (cute!)
A tartan keychain change purse
Scottie dog Post-It notes
Pink child's watch with white Westie dogs on it (aww!)
A pair of spare black laces (total necessity for Games season!)
To get your entry into the draw for today's prize tell us:

What are the 3 most important things in your dance bag?

Want an extra entry?

Visit our wonderful sponsor McAleer Highland Gear and tell us your favourite product from their shop! 

Good luck! xo Ally and Nic


James and Christine Newton said...

I love your new stuff!! The bags look soooo amazing! I'd say my three most important things in my dance bag are: dance shoes!, knee highs for Highland practice, and the medical tape to keep me jumping. ;)

Tara said...

the 3 most important things in my dance bag are my ghillies, my water & my ibuprophen ;) but really everything in there is pretty important, the stuff I named is just the stuff I use most often hehehe

Tara said...

I liked the stationary on McAleer Highland Gear, the magnetic note pads are my favorites, I love those things!

Susan said...

Congrats on the new bag design! I LOVE the butterfly!

Most important bag items:
1) Shoes (soft and hardshoes)
2) Towel
3) Ankle wrap - just in case

Susan said...

Wow! McAleer has a great scrapbook and stamp collection! I also am loving the lapel pins and zipper pulls. Website bookmarked! :-)

Jess said...

The irony of this is my actual dance bag is empty. I am highly organized (ha!) so it's strewn everywhere and still in garment bags from a month ago. However, the three most important things are:
1. mirror. there is always lipstick on my teeth.
2. ghillies. Enough said.
3. the little bag carrying extra hair pins and safety pins and where I have to put at least one piece of jewelry every time I dance. I competed with huge black earrings in last time. Whoops!

I love the rubber stamps that MacAleer has. Some I've seen before, but others are totally new to me and super cute.

hannahdancer said...

Some of the most important things in my dance bag are:

1) Dance shoes (soft and hardshoes)
2) Braces (knee and ankle)
3) Ibuprofen

As you can see...I'm rather prone to injuries!! :D

Twilight Orchid said...

OOOhh love your bags!!!

Ok the three most important things in my dance bag are:
1) shoes
2) duct/electrical tape
3) spare knickers (you never know!!) :)

And I am in love with the beautiful rubber stamps at McAleer - my fav being Brigit's Knot, although I love them all :)

Laura said...

The three most important things in my dance bag are my ghillies, my bandaids and my water, not necessarily in that order.

Laura said...

I LOVE your new championship bag, a total necessity of all competitions.
The three most important things in my dance bag are:
1)Dance Shoes (hard and soft, with extra laces)
2)Black electrical tape (you never know when you'll need it)
3) Vet Wrap (the ultimate tool in first aid :))

Tara said...

well, im not totally sure what im doing
but theres a question
and i guess ill answer it :P
1) my dance clothes
2) my dance shoes
3) FOOD. :)

Bonnie McNeill said...

I am a dance mom and in my bag is a camera, knitting and advil!! But our real dance bag includes everything from a sewing kit to ice packs to food... oh, off course several pairs of ghillies. Your bags are great!!

Leah said...

ghillies, water, hair elastics

Leah said...

Love the scrapbooking stuff on the McAleer site!

wallace said...

Most important things are the nondescript (and often forgotten!) things - safety pins, bobby pins, ibuprofen.

wallace said...

Most important things are the nondescript (and often forgotten!) things - safety pins, bobby pins, ibuprofen.

Wallace said...

I like the trinket boxes on the Mcaleer website.

Bridget said...

Super cute bags girls!

The most important things in my dance bag...

1. Socks, because I always forget to bring new ones! Good to have back up!
2. My speakers to practice too!
3. Tons of water!

I'm an Irish dancer, but I loved the highland outfits on McAleer Highland Gear's website. They're so classy. Wish I could have one made just to wear around!