Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Today's News...

.... math is hard.  But despite that, I have successfully completed the draws! Note that I have used the name associated with the entry that was picked. So without further adieu:

Tara Mills

Get The Look Kit & Deluxe Makeup Bag (Kickoff Prize #1)

Advanced Highland Training DVD Set from FerlieFeet (Kickoff Prize #2)
Wallace (the first of the comments labelled "Wallace" on this blog post)
***Please make access to your Blogger profile public so I can email you about your prize***

Lucky Clover Necklace from As Luck Would Have It (Kickoff Prize #3)
Cee Jammin

Choice of Bag & McAleer Highland Gear Goodie Bag (Kickoff Prize #4)

Spa Package including PJ Pants and Ghillie Slippers (Kickoff Prize #5)
Jessica Bach

Ghillie Necklace from Triskelt (Kickoff Prize #6)
Bonnie MacNeill

FeisFaces Deluxe Membership (Kickoff Prize #7) -- Two of these were available!
Christine Newton
Hannah Jarvis

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated! I hope you had fun (we certainly did here at IHTD) and I will be getting in touch with all of you over the next couple of days to make arrangements for your prizes.  And remember -- Kickoff may be over but

Shout Outs are just beginning!

You can win $10 to use on our website EVERY single week for the WHOLE summer just by sending a shout-out to your dance friends here on the blog or on Facebook!  Read the rules here:

The first Shout Out blog post will go up tomorrow so you can start commenting then! And don't forget, if you are using Facebook, if you and the person you are sending a Shout Out to are fans of our Facebook page, if your entry is picked you BOTH get $10. Woohoo!  Same goes for Twitter!

xo Ally and Nic


Tara said...

I am one haaaapy dancer! yay! thanks I Heart that! Dance!

Wallace said...

Thanks so much! I'm not sure how to make my profile public.

Wallace said...

Okay I think I got it figured out. Thanks so much I Heart that Dance!

I Heart That! Dance said...

Yep, I can definitely see the profile now, I just need you to add an email to it. Let me know if you're having any problems! (Once I've got your email, you can go private again)

Wallace said...

Okay what can I say, I'm technologically challenged. I think I've fixed it but let me know.

hannahdancer said...

Thanks so much!! What a great contest and start to the summer; you girls are great!!

Leah said...

Wow! Exciting!

Thanks so much....