Friday, June 13, 2008

Ready Made Products Available!

Looking for something for right now? We've got some ready made products in stock, left over from the table at the Kathleen Fearon Feis -- two messenger bags, pictured above, and two pairs of ghillie slippers in Medium and Extra Small (an example pair is shown below).

More pictures of the bags and their linings can be seen on our Flickr! If you're interested, just send us an email -- bags are $40 each plus tax and shipping, slippers are $30 a pair (plus tax and shipping).

Thanks so much for looking!


Opheeelia said...

YumMY!! How the heck are ya? How's the house stuff coming?
I'm still going 'round and 'round with the dippy postmistress, dammitall,grumble, grumble. Don't think I haven't forgotten.
I'm just working with what I have available. gah.
HUGS! I miss YOU!

ricracsally said...

Hey! When you return to the land of blog, come on over to ours and see what we left for you :)