Thursday, June 12, 2008

Testing, Testing!

Hey Dancers -- would you like some free stuff? Of course you would :)

We are currently recruiting Irish and Highland dancers for a testing panel -- if you're chosen we send you three or four packages about every month starting in July. You try out the product, let us know what you like and dislike and that's that! It's totally free (even the shipping) -- there's no catch (just homework! -- we send out a detailed questionnaire with every package that you fill out once you try it).

How to apply?
Just send us an email at or visiting the website. We'll send you a list of questions that must be answered and returned to us by June 24th (two weeks from today). The chosen panelists will be notified June 27th and the first packages will go out later the next week.

Who gets chosen?
Out of all the dancers who entered we'll choose 10-12 from across different countries, age groups and competition levels. So this is NOT first-come, first-served! As long as you get your answers to the questionnaire in by June 24th you're eligible to be considered!

Any rules?
Well, just a few :) You knew that was going to happen right? LOL

1) Anyone under the age of 18 must obtain permission from your parents. There are more details on how we'll be verifying this permission in our application.
2) You must be a dancer. If you are younger, you can have your Mom or Dad help out answering the questions though! We'd really like our projects to be dancer-entourage friendly too :)
3) You must be prepared to return answers to our questions on your packages within the week (this will all be done by email). So if you're off on summer vacation for all of July and August this probably isn't right for you -- but don't worry! We'll be recruiting a new panel early next year!

Thanks for reading through all that! Again, just send us an email by clicking on the name link above and visit our website to learn more about our current product (or check out the posts here!)

or our Facebook fan page:

Can't wait to hear from you!

Nic and Ally

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