Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kathleen Fearon Memorial Feis Fun!

Well, here we are! Our very first feis table, held at the Kathleen Fearon Memorial Feis (that's Brampton feis to you ECR dancers :) )

We had a great time! -- a little busier than the two tables we had done at Highland competitions, LOTS of dancers came by to see our shiny stuff and we had a bunch of great vendors as "neighbours". It was hard not to go shopping ourselves! On one side we had the lovely family from Faery Reel and on the other the fabulous ladies from the Canadian division of Camellia Rose -- both of them super nice to the newbies, thanks you guys!

Thought you all might also get a kick out of seeing some works-in-progress -- here's a couple of pictures of what Nicole's kitchen table looked like the week before the feis, and the final result:

In case anyone's interested, we have two pairs of the ghillie slippers left over (in Medium and Extra Small) and loads of hair ties -- email us if you'd like to order!


susarto said...

lookit all the goodies!!!

wow! your table looks great!!!
and i love those slippers ;D


UxCritter said...

You have a beautiful blog! I've booked marked it. And your table does look GREAT! like susarto says.

Anonymous said...

all right, where was all this cool stuff when i was dancing...oh yeah that was like 20 years ago.

Great site and beautiful stuff...i'll be back!