Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Many Caffeinated Beverages Were Harmed In The Making Of This Feis Table

People's exhibit #1: Taken at Newmarket Feis, far too early in the day for that much Diet Pepsi to have been consumed.

But it turned out all purty! The lovely organizers gave us all the table space we desired, which was awesome because we had so many new products to premier.

Yes, the rumours are true -- the girls at IHTD are selling MAKEUP! Mineral makeup to be exact, handmade for us by a lovely seller in Wisconsin with a great track record for her fabulous concoctions. Can you say 140+ shades of eyeshadow?!? For you IDers who've been trying in vain to match your solo we've got your back :) We'll be adding the full price list and colour charts to our catalog and website shortly, but for now if you want to try it out we are offering 3 deluxe samples for $10 or $3.50 each -- a very inexpensive way to try out the latest and greatest trend in the world of makeup.

Also brand new for Newmarket were some gorgeous handmade cards made especially for us by a former Irish dancer -- everything from Thank You cards for your favourite teacher or dance parent, I'm Reel-y Proud of You cards to tell your number one dancer just how you feel and yes, Christmas cards! We still have a few left -- $3.50 each or 4 for $12, and if you want a bunch we can do even better on the price.

All of this should be appearing on the website soon but in the meantime if you want it right away just send us an email!

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Anonymous said...

The table looks great! Hope you sold lots!