Monday, November 9, 2009

Featured Items For Irish Dancers

Well, it's that time of year y'all. A chill is in the air, kids are on their best behaviour and everywhere you look it's all sparkle and the colours of the season. Yes, that's right, it's time for... the Oireachtas!

Ha, gotcha :D OK, in all seriousness, I know many of you are wondering what to do this holiday season to treat yourself or your favourite dancer, say thank you to the TC who saw you through another year of competition or to make sure your dancing BFF gets the perfect gift. Well, we're here to help.... and it's not just us!

Coming soon, the fabulous folks over at Diddlyi will be presenting an all-ID Christmas Catalog (you know, like Sears, only probably with more rhinestones :) ) Those of us who are vendors over there will be participating to present some of our gift ideas for you guys, plus there will be some great contests with AMAZING prizes! So if you are not a member of the Diddlyi community don't wait to join in the festivities --sign up here:

In the meantime, I can at least tell you what we'll be featuring in the catalog! Based on an informal poll of the lovely IDers and ID dance moms over on Twitter, here's the first few items we have decided to go with:

Ghillie Slippers

They really are as comfy as they look :) Totally adorable ghillie style slippers are hand-knitted from 100% wool and felted to your size!

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Knitwear & Clothing, and then Ghillie Slippers
$30 Canadian + tax & shipping


A dancer favourite! Knit with very soft yarn to keep your legs toasty warm during warm ups and between dances (plus great for keeping your poodle socks clean at a feis). There's an adjustable elastic tucked into the cuff at the top, so they are sure to stay up! Comes in either plain or striped and decorated with your choice of embellishment if you like: flowers, hearts, stars, or shamrocks.

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Knitwear & Clothing, and then Legwarmers
$30 Canadian + tax & shipping

Wig Bag

Keep your Irish dance wig frizz free with this satin lined bag. Drawstring handle closure -- opens flat so you don't have to stuff your wig in there and ruin the curl. Applique on the bottom in one of our signature designs or your monogram. The photo on the far right is my wig, cooperatively modelling for the wig bag shoot -- note that the bag isn't fully open here.

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Bags, and then Wig Bag
$20- $25 Canadian + tax & shipping

Check back soon for our next installment of featured items!

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