Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Featured Items For Irish Dancers Part Deux

Good afternoon IHTD shoppers! Here are the last two products destined for the inaugural issue of the Diddlyi Christmas Catalog:

Pajama Pants

Stay comfy and warm with these 100% cotton flannelette pajama pants in a selection of cute colours and embroidered with your choice of text and design! Any five-letter or less word is included in the price so YOU choose anything you like to make your pants one-of-a-kind. Additional letters available at a cost of $1.50 Canadian.

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Knitwear & Clothing then PJ Pants
$25 Canadian + tax & shipping

Tote Bags

Great for carting around your dance stuff or anything else, these durable and spacious tote bags can be embroidered in your choice of five Celtic designs or your monogram. Match your solo or just pick your favourite colours -- a wide range of fabric choices for the applique means we can make YOUR bag perfect for YOU!

Ready to order? Visit the homepage:
Click on Bags then Open-Top Tote Bags
$40 Canadian + tax & shipping

And don't forget -- these are just a few of the great gifts for dancers we have available this holiday season! Check out our online store for dress bags, dress protectors, messenger bags, knitwear, bath & body and dance-proof mineral makeup too!

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