Monday, May 11, 2009

I Heart My Dance Parent! Story and Photo Contest

With Mother's Day just passed and Father's Day around the corner, it wasn't hard for Nic and I to choose the theme for our next contest :) We think it's high time to show some appreciation for the hardworking folks who help make the dance world go 'round -- the parents!

So here's the deal! Send a short story (500 words or less, and less is really OK :) ) telling us why your dance parent means so much to you, and how they've influenced your dancing experience. Entries must be accompanied by at least one photo of you and your dance parent, but you can always send more pictures. Email your entries to:

Entries are due June 21st!
Winning entries will receive a $30 credit to the IHTD store (plus free shipping on that order) and be published on the blog and website!

Now for the rules:

1) This contest is open to both Highland and Irish dancers this time, but you must be a dancer or a former dancer and write the story yourself (little ones can get some help typing from a parent or friend, but the words must be theirs!)

2) There will be three categories divided by age, roughly a) under 10 years old, b) 11 to under 16 years old and c) 16 and over. The final divisions will be done depending on the number of entries we receive to give all entries the best chance at winning a prize, and if we get a lot of entries we will offer runner-up prizes in each category as well.

3) Your "dance parent" doesn't have to be your Mom or Dad -- it can be any person you feel supported you in that parental way for a significant part of your dance career. So Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Family Friends, etc are all eligible. Lucky enough to have more than one fabulous dance parent in your life? Write about them both!

4) The only person NOT eligible this time is your teacher! Why? We'll be having a special contest later in the year to honour them, so save your great teacher stories and pictures for then.

5) As always, if you win the contest we will need permission from anyone featured in the photo before publishing, so PLEASE include their email addresses with your entry.

Feel free to send us an email if you've got any questions, we're happy to help as always :)

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