Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Big Winners!

Drumroll please! We here at IHTD are very very pleased to announce the results of our first-ever Oireachtas Rince Na Cruinne Photo Contest! We had loads of great entries, but we HAD to choose winners and the following photos won our hearts with their smiley faces and sweet sentiments. We just KNEW that some of the best folks around were Irish dancers, just scroll on down for the proof in pictures!

WINNER ($50 Prize) : Team Spirit!

In the photo: Kate, Darcy, Kelly and Erin, Rince na Tiarna
Photo and caption by: T. Regan

"This is what the WORLDS experience was for us -- a culmination of 10 years of friendship, love and lots of fun together!"

RUNNER-UP ($25 Prize): Some Brotherly (and Sisterly!) Love From Philly

In the photo: Patrick and Brigid
Photo and caption by: PER

"After almost thirteen years in Irish Dancing, the thrill of both children dancing at the same Worlds, the first one in the United States and more importantly, that they didn't mind posing together for a photo for their mom. Taken in the center atrium at the Kimmel Center by me on Friday, April 10 after the 19 - 20 Men's first two rounds, and after the U16 Ceili first recall round (which was at the Marriot, my daughter ran the five blocks after her team had danced in order to catch her brother's first round)."

RUNNER-UP ($25 Prize): Duct Tape Really Does Work For Everything!

In the photo: John Cuilliane and three generations of Murphy Irish Dancers. Mary Jo, Tricia and Michael (Michael is only 5 years old and really enjoyed watching the dancers!)
Photo and caption by: E. O'Connor

"The highlight of my Worlds experience in Philly was when our student, Andria C., was presented with her medal and she got to take a photo (see second photo attached below) with our friend, John Culliane. John was brilliant as Master of Ceremonies during the Ladies 18 - 19 year old competition. And with a large competition like this one, his sense of humor made the day! During this competition, a lot of head bands, glitter, beads/sequins and bobby pins were flying off of the competitors onto the stage. John came up with a great idea and made a big ball of duct tape (shown in the photo) to help him collect all of these items so that the ladies would not slip. At one point in the competition, he said that since we already have the sock glue, we will now need to invent some hair pin glue! The audience roared in laughter."

In the photo: John Cuilliane and Andria C.
Photo by: E. O'Connor

A BIG congratulations to all of our winners and thank-you to ALL of you who submitted your fabulous photos for consideration, we will definitely be doing this again next year :)

Stay tuned to the blog for future contests and your chance to win more great prizes from I Heart That! Dance!

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Ess Jay Velasquez said...

Yay, Rince na Tiarna! Those young ladies are so darn photogenic. They make any photo a winner :)