Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tiptoe-ing through the tulips with the CSST!

Yesterday was the big day! With Spring right around the corner (as hard as that is to believe sometimes) the Cottage Style Street Team on Etsy held our first ever team promotion, TulipMania!

The idea was put forward by our very own RicRacSally -- since we all craft in such different media (from textiles, to jewellery, to mixed media collage and more!) we all made an item in our craft of choice with the central theme of tulips. I'm pretty sure you can guess what WE chose to do here at I Heart That! Dance :) Oh you guessed it, a bag! We've got a whole bunch of this very unique pink and purple tartan around, and a bouquet of spring tulips on this slightly smaller version of our zip-top tote was the PERFECT solution!

The applique' also uses gold holographic lame' and green tissue lame' with rayon and metallic threads for a little bit of pop. It's lined in a cute green, pink and purple print, with one interior zip pocket lined in a shocking pink jersey with a wee bit of sparkle. OK that last part is a lie -- there's a LOT of sparkle!

The best part to me is the interior zip off pouch -- made of 100% cotton purple velvet and the lining print, this zip-top pouch actually zips right into the bag when you are on the go and then zips right out when you need it. So you can keep your craft projects, camera, or whatever else you might think needs protecting from your gum wrappers, lip balm, fabric store receipts that you are hiding from your husband... oh, is that just me?

So as you can see, crafting for this challenge was a blast! And hanging out with the CSST ladies on the Big Day? Awesome :) Want to check out the phenomenal tulip items put together by this brand new team (and who wouldn't?) Just click here and prepare to feel like spring has sprung :) For some amazing examples check out this treasury by CatnipStudio:


Ravenhill said...

What lovely tulips! Well done! I got sick and didn't have time. Boo hoo! I hope I can still be on the team!

I Heart That! Dance said...

LOL, Raven, you caught me getting another post ready for tomorrow. Poor thing I hope you get well soon! And OF COURSE you're still on the team, silly goose :)

ricracsally said...

I'm not alone in hiding the receipts?? :)
I feel like we're part of Crafters Anonymous. My name is ___, and I'm a fabricaholic!

OH, and I love that the bag is lined in Strawberry Shortcake. I have dark memories of the smell of those dolls!

Thanks for the shout-out dolly! Doing the TulipMania with you was a blast!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

It was a great promo--I had a blast and was blown away by the talent in our fantastic group!

You are a really talented seamstress! Your bags are great, and a zip-out strawberry shortcake pouch! get outta here! lol
Smiles, Karen

njm said...

Love the bag! I can't believe it's lined in Strawberry Shortcake! :-) Very creative.


I Heart That! Dance said...

Thank you everyone for the nice compliments -- it WAS a great time, eh? And if this bag doesn't sell by the end of the week I'm keeping it :D

Hyla Waldron said...

WoW that is a beautiful bag! I need some of that tartan! It would look darling on my little Guinevere!