Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Adventures in BlogLand! Or BlogVille? Or Blogania?

Well, it's Ally here and I am waiting for about five different things to finish up so I have a couple minutes to come by and post some bloggy things that have come up over the last few days.

First, I'd like to say thanks to all of you who commented on the St. Patrick's Day post yesterday! My Mom, who up until now I thought was our sole reader (I think she is hoping for pictures of The Peanut, actually ;) ) and Dad read them all and were just tickled pink. Mom is going to read the post and the comments to Nana the next time she goes in, so thank you again for all the lovely responses!

The second little blog-esque event is terribly exciting -- we were featured on another blog! Fellow Etsy seller Bluepebble, who makes all sorts of astonishingly beautiful jewellery in her Etsy shop, did a feature this past Saturday of Irish Etsy finds in honour of St. Pat's! And guess who was right at the top of the list? Us! With our blue and green Royal McGregor tote bag (pictured above)! Here is the link to the whole post:


There were many amazing finds and we were all over happy that we were included! Thank you Bluepebble!

And finally, we got tagged by Tiffani at RicRacSally in one of these Meme thingies -- we have to say 6 bits of randomness about ourselves. I'm going to try and do three for me and three for Nic (so forgive me for talking about myself in the third person :P ):

1) Ally has a 44" stuffed muskie (that's a fish) hanging over her fireplace. His name is Carl Thomas and she decorates him for holidays and birthday parties.

2) Nic can play the theme from "Riverdance" on her flute.

3) Ally had 52 My Little Ponies as a child, and her favourite was the green one with the clovers on its bum.

4) Nic has a neighbour whose dog barks LITERALLY all day long. It's so pervasive, we think maybe its a recording. No living animal could make that much noise everyday and not strain something.

5) Ally will only eat eggs if they are baked into a cake.

6) Nic used to have a cabinet door in her upstairs bathroom. No cabinet, just the door, mounted on the wall -- an odd aesthetic decision made by the previous owners. That has since been renovated :)

And now who to tag? Hmmmmm......

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Lori said...

congrats on the blog feature:) that's a lovely bag...and i really love the one you did for tulip mania, it is very pretty indeed:) i like your list...thanks for the tag...i will try to be good and do it:)

LOL about #4...has there ever been a sighting of the beast? or is it just the noise???

Nicole R.J. said...

Oh no - a tag! *lol* Thanks! And sounds like Nic might live near me - our upstairs neighbor's dog barks ALL the time too, it's nutty!

Anonymous said...

OK that fake cabinet door must have been some sort of social test to see which guest snoop through medicine cabinets

I Heart That! Dance said...

Hi Everyone! Nic here - I see Ally has been sharing the secrets of my house LOL! : )

Lori - Yes, unfortunately I have seen the beast! It looks to be some sort poodle... What Ally didn't mention is that the barking comes through 3 feet of concrete (we live in an old semi-detached house)!!! It's definitely got some powerful poodle lungs going on!

Fog and Thistle - LOL! Yeah, that faux cabinet has been the source of many a discussion! The previous owner told us that she just couldn't bear seeing the real cabinet be off center in the wall, so they added a fake door to match the real cabinet door...she also added "it makes a great place to put a calendar"! We didn't think so, so alas the door is no more!

H.E.Eigler said...

Cute tote, you deserved the feature!

ira said...

I just realised you have a blog Ally and this one looks brilliant!

The Rose Cottage said...

Happy Friday Ally,
I am sorry, I had forgotten that you had tagged me. I will try and get that posted today.
I just cannot believe you won't eat eggs either unless they are in a cake. I havn't eaten an egg in almost 24 years, since my daughter was born LOL. I think I ate too many while I was pregnant :(
Congrat's on being featured too, you guys do great work.