Sunday, February 3, 2008

We're in our first Treasury :)

Good morning loyal readers (that means you Mom! :) ) -- it's Ally here!

One of the coolest things about Etsy is the Treasury. For those who haven't heard of it (I sure hadn't when I started looking at the site) the way it works is this: a Treasury is a list of 12 items chosen by any Etsy user (buyer or seller) based on some theme. Maybe it's just the items that user likes, or maybe it's a bunch of orange things, or things that look like donuts (mmmm, donuts). Once the Treasury is made, it goes into a list of Treasuries accessible from the home page where folks can check it out. And it's one of these Treasuries that gets featured on the front page! That is the really great part to me -- the front page features are USER chosen.

Anyway, the Summer Roses quilt is in it's first Treasury! Chosen by QuirkynBerkeley, it's a collection of items from the street team I'm in, the Irish Rogue Artisans:

See! There we are! I'm just tickled and have been telling just everyone. Yes, I get a lot of blank stares in return but who cares? We're in a Treasury! Big thanks to SimplySusan, another team member, who kindly showed me how to get the screen shot (and who also has a gorgeous card featured in this Treasury -- top left corner!)

Please come visit the Treasury, and some of our wonderful Irish Rogue sellers!

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Shannon said...

Congratulations! It's exciting to make it into a treasury! :)