Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day One

The first day of Worlds has been thrilling. Particularly the costumes.

Is it just me or does feis hair get bigger and bigger? As soon as I entered the Kimmel Center, I was overwhelmed by all the curls, and the not-so-natural bleach blonde hues that so many of the girls were workin'. 

Then the sparkles blinded me. Eye makeup was so extremely sparkly. I want to say it looked like beauty pageant makeup, but it really didn't. It's more like theater makeup. Applied very generously to the eye lids and lips. 

Now, I'm somewhat accustomed to seeing Irish dancers with orange legs and ridiculous hair, but Philly locals are a lot less understanding. I overheard a Starbucks employee trying to explain to one of her regulars that the Irish dance championships were in town, thus the costumes, hair and crazy face paint parading through the coffee shop. The regular didn't understand at all. You could tell he was trying to connect these wild getups with Irish step dancing, but the connection just wasn't happening. So that's what the rest of the real world thinks when we're dropping serious cash on gigantic, gaudy rhinestone earrings and bottles--by the dozen!--of sock glue.

I watched under 11 girls with Kevinah and Fiona Dargans, RnT friends from back home in Buffalo. Waiting for the recalls at 3 p.m. Younger boys recalls were just announced not too long ago. Gotta get the scoop on who's coming back for round 2 sets!

Results for the day begin at 5 p.m. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (sjvelasquez) for results updates in real time!

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