Sunday, November 30, 2008

Every Life Needs a Little Celebration :)

And IHTD has a big one this week :D This past Friday we snagged our first ever Etsy Front Page spot with our Dress Green Gilles open-top tote! We're easy to find on the page -- I'll take any money that that's the first time a pair of ghillies and a highland jacket has ever made the Etsy Front Page either!

So what do we do when we want to celebrate? Throw a party? (not often -- too lazy) Eat chocolate? (US??? never, we're all about the clean living :P) Typically, we go shopping, and this time was no exception. FABRIC shopping, that is! In addition to a bunch of fabrics I bought to make Christmas presents, and therefor can't show here, I got some great bag-making stuff -- first, some twills in funky colours (pumpkin and teal, my faves!)

And some gorgeous rich silk brocades --- the green especially had me salivating. And since they were on sale, I can use them for bag linings at regular price! I have enough for three bags a piece and experience shows they will go FAST!

Any other fabric addicts out there??


ira said...

Congratulations A, that's fantastic!:)))

UxCritter said...

And so deserving too! Congrats again!