Friday, January 25, 2008

Biz Meeting Friday

So, we have our "business" meetings here at I Heart That! Dance every Friday afternoon. Somedays it's basically a lot of gossip (let's be honest) but today we got lots done! Here we are, being productive:

OK, seriously, we made a slipper. Yes, just the one. And yes, Nic had it knitted already. But we felted it! Well, felted it again. It doesn't sound like much but it's important, really! The idea is this -- when we went to CreativFestival here in Toronto last October, we saw some very cool felted slippers and decided we wanted some too. Then, in a fit of inspiration, we decided we wanted our slippers to look like ghillies. And then we thought, maybe other people want ghillie slippers too! So, into product development we went -- Nic came up with the pattern, and Ally nodded encouragingly throughout the process. So far so good!

Then we tried to felt the darn things. Gah! It just wasn't working -- black yarn is apparently notoriously difficult to felt. But then we discovered Ally's machine is better at felting things (higher agitation maybe? Whatevs) and so we put the slipper through one very hot wash. And voila:

A little smaller than the original size thanks to the double felting, but it looks cool!

Imagine with side pieces of felt for the loops and some yarn for the laces.... don't worry if you can't picture it, we're so excited now that we're likely to get a full pair finished pretty soon and will post pictures. And what about this lonely little slipper? Well, it sadly met an unfortunate fate:

RIP little slipper. Eaten by Carl Thomas the Ferocious Fish.

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